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21K Home Care Services was established to service community members that need help. We focus mostly on elderly people. We also help people who are suffering from temporary or permanent  injuries. Our goal is to help our clients lead a happier and healthier life at home by providing high quality in-home care. We are one heart, one smile, one family… better together.

TOP 5 Reasons To Contact Us

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  1. Caregivers proactively deliver excellence, goal-based care with compassion and respect.

  2. We aim to start services as soon as the client needs us.

Is Your Home Ready For Someone Suffering From Alzheimer's or Dementia?

Be safe, prepare your home for an Alzheimer’s or dementia sufferer.

Keep floors, surfaces, and shelves clutter-free. Clutter-free includes removing anything that a person can trip over like coffee tables and floor lamps.

Lock up all cleaning products both in the kitchen and in the laundry area. Detergents, including pacs or pods and bleach, is a risk to be eaten or ingested. If possible, prevent access to the washer and dryer by keeping the area locked off.

Don’t Stop Moving!

Moving regularly is important for people of all ages, but it can be especially important for your aging family member. A regular daily movement practice helps her to keep her body as strong as possible and it can be a great way for her to manage some health issues.

One in four adults are seated more than eight hours a day, according to the CDC. While a little rest and relaxation is fine here and there, living a completely sedentary life can be dangerous for your health.

6 Tips about Alzheimer's Disease for Family Caregivers

Let’s face it, managing someone with Alzheimer’s disease is a huge responsibility. Usually, you are dealing with someone who you relied on growing up and now that someone who use to be the wind beneath your wings requires your full and undivided attention. Use the following techniques to make sure you are doing the best for you and your loved one.


A few years back, I went to Baltimore to visit my parents for Thanksgiving dinner. I had not been home in a while, but when I arrived home I noticed a world of change. 

Unlike my life growing up – the place seemed in disarray. Unwashed laundry, disorganization everywhere, and a surprising level of uncleanliness. Confusion hit me, then great concern as I watched my parents closely that Thanksgiving.


21K Home Care App is Live!

In our constant pursuit to provide our clients the most flexible, transparent and professional service, we developed a mobile app so that you can keep up with your loved one’s progress even if you are not in the home all the time.

The Day We Knew

A few years back, I went to Baltimore to visit my parents for Thanksgiving. I had not been home in a while, but what I noticed was a world of change. The laundry was not washed and now the house was not clean or organized. 

The first thing on the Monday after Thanksgiving we took mom and dad for a check-up. Dad was fine, but the doctors noticed that mom had a mild and almost not noticeable stroke.

7 ways to help protect yourself against cyber crime

Senior citizens are the most vulnerable to cyber crimes and so are you!

The days of the prince from a foreign country inviting you to help him open an account to save his family are long gone. Hackers are much more subtle and sophisticated. You may think they are only after your financial information, but there are areas to worry than just basic financial ones. Every year, Cyber crime continue to evolve.

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