COVID-19 Resources

In an effort to help our community navigate through these difficult times, we offer some helpful information and resources.

  • Covid -19 Screening Tool: Download

  • How to decrease the chance of attracting COVID-19: Watch here

  • IDPH Long Term Care Facility Outbreaks: View Outbreak by County

  • IDPH Guidelines for Grocery Shopping: Download

  • IDPH Face Masks Do’s and Don’ts: Download

  • IDPH Testing Guidelines: Download

  • IDPH Home Quarantine Guidelines: Download

  • Guidelines and Tips for Handling Groceries and Takeout: Download

  • Handling groceries at home. YouTube video created by Jeffrey VanWingen, MD from Grand Rapids, Michigan: Watch here

  • CDC Guidelines for N95 Masks: Download

  • CDC Guidelines on How to Best Clean Your Home : Watch here

  • Veteran Resources and Benefits: Download

  • Home Delivered Meals and Food distribution: Download

  • Hand-washing Techniques: Watch here

  • Avoid Covid-19 Scams: Download

  • Essential Workers Checklist: Download

  • How to Apply PPE Equipment: Download

  • Face Coverings for Businesses: Download

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